torsdag 4 september 2008

Vans Syndicate X W-taps instore!

For the first time ever in Swedish history the sought after shoe colabo between Japanese brand W-taps and Vans hit our store. W-taps is one of the most legendary street brands i Japan. The brand is founded by Tet who also is the main designer behind W-taps clothing. Tet has designd 2 new modells for Vans. The Rudeez that we got in 1 color and the Greaserz that we got in 3. Run down to Cali for this Very Very limited release! 

Mr W-Taps Tat himself!

All of the Syndicate W-Taps all 999 Sek 
Blue Greaserz
Black on Black Greaserz
All three Greaserz
The Rudeez

Ruder than you, hell yea!

Detailing on box

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