tisdag 23 december 2008

Supra Muska Skytop - Timb's!

A late delivery from Supra and yes it´s all colors from the good old Timberland boot.

Supra Muska Skytop

Nike Dunk High Pro Big Gulp

Nike SB  Dunk High Pro “Big Gulp” referring the signature cup from 7-Eleven, perfect for X-Mas. Instore only...Call 46 - 8 - 568 499 08 for your size.df

måndag 22 december 2008

Cali X-MAS Sale; Skate

Yup, we worked the whole evening to get the SKATE STORE Dept prepared for the Caliroots XMAS SALE! We start Instore tomorrow Tuesday 11.00.
The Online Sale will start soon too...

Oh, jes... Vi jobbade kvällsskiftet för att få iordning Cali XMAS SALE i SKATE butiken oxå!
30% Off eller mer på massor av skatemackor från; Adidas/Vans/NikeSB/Supra/Emerica..
Och: vi har en hög med plankor för 299 ink grip, samt en lyx hög för 499 ink grip..

söndag 21 december 2008

Nike Dunk High Premium SB - Night OWL

New Premium Dunk from Nike SB. 999:- Sek / 99.90:- Euro at Cali skate store now and soon online.

///2008-12-21 Per

lördag 20 december 2008

Nike SB Zoom Veloce

A new member in the SB family. Nike SB Zoom Veloce. The same sole as the Zoom Tre with a new upper. Still super tech and comfy skate performance. 999:- Sek / 99.90 Euro

///2008-12-21 Per

Nike SB Hoods

A last minute news before XMAS. This hoody in black and Purple just got to the store.

////2008-12-21 Per

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 2 Zoom Air

A new colorway of the Paul Rodriguez 2 Zoom Air. Soon online and allready in the Cali Skate Store. 1099 :- Sek / 109.90 Euro

///2008-12-21 Per


Cali/SFD Brunnsgatan 9 & Regeringsg. 77

Extra X-Mas opening hours!

20/12 12-17
21/12 12-16
22/12 11-18-30
23/12 11-18-30
24/12 Stängt
25/12 Stängt
26/12 11-18.30
27/12 12-17

Webstore open 24/7!!

måndag 15 december 2008


Got a nice package with a loooot of skates to my lovely skate dept. this morning.
In the boxes was a mix of Skate mental, Girl, Chocolate, DGK and more. Dont sleep on this ones guys. The price is 499:- including griptape.

Take it easy / Cali skate dept. F

15/12 F

torsdag 11 december 2008

Xmas Update!

Alot of things is going down this weekend in Stockholm. First we have Luciaclassics. A skate competition in Fryshuset. Its the 11th year in a row(!) The winner will go home with some cash in the pockets.
The boys from the Cali team: Jens and Offe will be there grippin and rippin!

Second thing coming is Svenska skateboardgalan. ZTV and VBS.TV are there to do reports of the event. The event is only for people who have been invitet.. so tough luck if you dont have a ticet. The afterparty is free for all. More info on the site. We will give you a full report from the event after its over.

Here is some pics from the imporved skate dept.

11/12 /caliskate F