torsdag 11 december 2008

Xmas Update!

Alot of things is going down this weekend in Stockholm. First we have Luciaclassics. A skate competition in Fryshuset. Its the 11th year in a row(!) The winner will go home with some cash in the pockets.
The boys from the Cali team: Jens and Offe will be there grippin and rippin!

Second thing coming is Svenska skateboardgalan. ZTV and VBS.TV are there to do reports of the event. The event is only for people who have been invitet.. so tough luck if you dont have a ticet. The afterparty is free for all. More info on the site. We will give you a full report from the event after its over.

Here is some pics from the imporved skate dept.

11/12 /caliskate F

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