måndag 9 februari 2009


I know it doesn´t seem like it, but spring is comin! I promise you! It´s only like 2 months away..
So you better get your hardware in shape. Heres some stuff from the Cali Skate Dept on Brunnsgatan, Stockholm.
More Hardware is on the way.
Stay tuned..

Wheels: Girl, Skate Mental and Vanilla Wheels. 399:-
Royal Trucks Mike Mo. 599:-
Royal X Chocolate Trucks. 599:-
Diamond wax. 50:-
Lucky Supertool. 199:-
Girl Skatetool. 150:- Reflex Bearings 199:-
Shortys Mixed Nuts 1 for 10:-
Bushings. 60:-

Later skaters.
020909 F

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