onsdag 3 juni 2009

4 Star US team –visiting Stockholm!!

4Star US team –visiting Stockholm!!

Next Wednesday, the 10th of June we are hosting the US 4Star skate team visit in Stockholm!

Ca 15 legends and pros are coming!

See the schedule below:

Nästa Onsdag den 10/6, kommer ca 15 pers ur Amerikanska 4Star Teamet till Stockholm!

Vi på Caliroots är värdar åt dem denna dag, och detta står på shemat:

16.00 Shop Signing @ Cali Store, Brunnsgatan 9.

18.00-19.00 ”Skate with 4Star” Location: Humlan.

Brian Anderson, Tyler Bledsoe, Andrew Brobhy, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Nick Jensen, Sean Malto, Lucas Puig and Max Schaaf

Its going to be on hell of a day!

And buy the way, 4 Star clothing just landed in the calistore today! Pictures sooner than later!

Check out some clips from 4star´s A tribe called mapquest!

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