torsdag 2 juli 2009

Adidas news!

Summer is a fact! It´s blazinhot here in stockholm and to make things more hot Adidas has just send us the latest shoes!

This is the Ciero, some of you might remember the one Adidas did with Mark Gonzales.
This time in a low profile with nice yellow suede with black stripes.  Check em out!

Adidas Skateboarding Ciero 599 sek / 54 Euro

SNAAAAP! Busenitz is finally in the house! We have waited a long time for this one!
This is Dennis Busenitz promodel shoe, inspired by the world cup football shoe and many more. Black suede with gold stripes and white sole! And if you dont like the high tounge you can just cut it of. So so so fresh! The guys i have met skating in this shoe said that it was really good and comfotable. I havent tried em yet but i cant wait! And what i price! Good times! Check the movie at the end for more info!

Adidas Skateboarding Busenitz 599 sek / 54 Euro

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