måndag 10 augusti 2009

P.Rod III Release!

It´s on! The New P.Rod III is in town!
Two colors. Black with red details, and a white with black details.
And if you really want to ball you´ll get the all red one. Limited to 500 pairs world wide.
Those ones will drop in the store 15th of September. Get in line!
The pricetag on these ones 999:- sek / 95 €.

Check out more detailed pics in the Nike SB section on Caliroots.com

Anorak: 999:- sek / 95 €
Tee: 249:- sek / 22.90 €
Cap: 249:- sek / 22.90 €

Buy The P.Rod III and get the Nike SB Am movie Debacle for free!
Today was a good day.

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