lördag 22 augusti 2009

Vans news!

Vans has blessed us with 3 new Authentics! It´s the same as the regualr authentic except for the new colorful sole.
The shoe comes in all white woth 3 differnt colors on the sole.
Check the pictures out below.

The pricetag on the authentic is: 599 sek / 59 €

Vans Authentic White / Yellow
Vans Authentic White / Green
Vans Authentic White / Blue

Then we got the Half cab, true classic if you ask me. No changes here, still the percect skate shoe.
This one also comes in three differnt colors, Black, navy and royl blue.
The pricetag: 699:- sek / 69 €
Instore now and online later on.

Vans Half Cab Black
Vans Half Cab Navy
Vans Half Cab Royl Blue

More vans is comin so check back later!

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