onsdag 21 oktober 2009

Nike SB Zoom Paul Rodriguez Special!

Ok, here´s the deal!
We stil got a few pairs left of the extremly limited red Zoom Paul Rodriguez.
And because we at Caliroots are so nice and kind we are giving away the the P.Rod skate pack from Plan B, that they made special for this release, to one lucky winner!
The pack contains: Plan B deck, Plan B wheels, Silver trucks, Sawblade 3 bearings, Diamond hardware and a P.Rod Griptape.
A complete skate.

So how do you win?
Come by The Cali Skate Dept and by a pair of the RED Nike SB Zoom Paul Rodriguez and you will automaticly enter the competition.

You have until Friday 30th november to get the shoes and enter the competition!

Good luck!

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