måndag 12 oktober 2009

Deals in Wheels! And Skates..

Got a BIG delivery of skates last week!

And we got this for cheap!!

Girl, Chocolate, Skate Mental, DGK, City Stars and more!

We also refilled the Shitxfaced decks and still got a lot of Cali decks for you. And you cant beat the price:
Girl, Chocolate, Skate Mental, DGK an all the other brands: 49 Euro/499sek w. Griptape.

Cali and Shitxfaced decks: 25E/250sek w. Griptape.
Whoho! Doesnt get any cheaper than that!

We als got a big shippment of Trucksets, Royal trucks with Vanilla wheels for the incredibly low price of 79E/799sek

Dont sleep on these offers ladies and gentlemen!

These deals are only for instore buyers...
So swing by the store on Brunnsgatan 9 in stockholm!

But there are some Cali Decks and Hardware Deals still at the Cali web Deal section.HERE.

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