torsdag 25 februari 2010

Skate Deals Mania and refill of cali skates!

Hey we have a bunch of deals on skate decks, completes and hardwear. We also just got a big refill on our own Cali and Shitxfaced boards. We now have them in all sizes for 300 kr a pop or 2 for 500. We also have a bunch of misex pro boards from companys such as girl and chooclate for 499 kr each. If you need a complete board we can set you up sweet for 999 Kr. Neew trucks and weels we got some good combos for 799 Kr. Come on down to the Cali Skate Dept in the cellar on brunnsgatan 9 and have a look!

Fullu stocked on Boards!

Wheels and Trucks

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