torsdag 18 mars 2010

Etnies X The Goat

The Goat & The Occasional Others is a garage band based in Los Angeles, formed by Shane Heyl and professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. The other members of the band is also a bunch of skateboard related people such as photographer Atiba Jefferson, skateboarder Kevin "spanky" Long and filmer Beagle oneISM.
To celebrate their first full length album they have teamed up with Emerica and put out a shoe together.
And if you ask me it´s a banger!
All black with offwhite sole. The thing i love the most with the shoe is the details. The black on black text at the top that says: LUH DAT SHIT, The Goat & The Occasional Others logo on the heels (NECKFACE), and offcourse the PIss Drunks logo on the bottoms. Excellent! And as a bonus you get a big *ss patch to go with the shoes!
Instore on Brunnsgatan 9 and online as soon as possible.

Emerica x The Goat & The Occasional Others High Laced € 109 / 1099:- sek

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