onsdag 3 mars 2010

Vans Update!

The Vans just keep on coming. Today we present some new fresh Eras and Authentics for you! Keep in mind spring is just around the corner. So it is time to stock up on some new fresh kicks for the season. These are also online here!

Authentic Purple Canvas €59 (599 Sek)
Vans Authentic Royal Blue €59 (599 Sek)
Vans Authentic Teal €59 (599 Sek)
Vans Era Gold / Navy €59 (599 Sek)
Era 45 Fixed €79 (799 Sek)

Era City Pack San Diego €69 (699 Sek)
Vans Era STV €59 (599 Sek)
Vans Era Ripstop €69 (699 Sek)

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