tisdag 13 juli 2010


Urskog is a Swedish riding concept returning to one of our oldest materials, creating something timeless in a modern form. Boards where you can feel classical wooden surf and our northern roots in every line and every curve. The naked wood makes each board unique like the tree rings of the surface. Boards created where the woods meet the sea, grown where the waves end and the streets start.

Urskog Stam Deck € 199 / 1999 sek:-
A retro longboard growing proud straight out of the eighties. A pool board
with classic rails made from wood. Really rigid so you can rip the parks
real good.

Urskog Pinne Deck € 149 / 1499:- sek
A classic pintail. A middle sized board with deep concave and cat-back.
Quite rigid for extra control. Great for cruising the city as well as riding downhill

Urskog Skott Deck Walnut € 139 / 1399:- sek
As the famous Swedish poem says, it hurts when buds burst. But so do
bruising your knees on the asphalt. Our smallest longboard is a smaller,
lighter board with kick and more flex. Great for uptown surfing.

Urskog Skott Deck Ash € 139 / 1399:- sek

Urskog Truckset € 129 / 1299:- sek