tisdag 30 augusti 2011


On friday at the Cali OG/Skate Store we are have an exlusive skate docomentary. This is a closed event but we can give away 10 tickets, fist to the store tomorrow (31/8) 11.00 will get a ticket!

Thanks to: Carhartt & Giftorm

Phil Evans has just finished filming on a skate photographer documentary called FORMATPERSPECTIVE that he’s been working on for the past 2 years…
The video will look at the work of 6 skate photographers around Europe, displaying their activities in front of and behind the lens. The project has been shot completely in super 8 (with sound) and it focuses on the following guys: Nils Svensson (Malmö), Stuart Robinson (Belfast), Alex Irvine (London), Richard Gilligan (Dublin), Bertrand Trichet (Barcelona-Tokyo) and Sergej Vutuc(Heilbronn/Balkans). We could tell you more but this preview clip with Nils & Pontus should explain things best. The vid will be released this summer.

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