torsdag 30 oktober 2008

Nike SB Specials

We got a few odd sizes left on some Instore Specials from Nike SB.. its Lobsters/Mondrians/Marshalls/T19s/ etc.. to make room for the new ones coming(yes some really hot stuff..) we are cleaning them out for half price, hell, we set them for 499/49E straight whatever they was before!

This offer is only valid instore, if you want to know whats there, call 08-56849908 ( Intl: +46856849908).”


tisdag 28 oktober 2008

The Hundreds - Johnson Mid-Top

This thursday we will release the first ever shoe line from The Hundreds - The Johnson

This is Bobby from The Hundreds words about the design:

"The design inspiration behind the Johnson is an amalgamation of 4 Cali-centric lifestyle shoes, from all ends of the subculture spectrum. Funneled down into a cohesive, unique silhouette that emanates a classic, timeless simplicity. Our initial offering is constructed of suede and nubuck leathers, with a JAGS-embossed gumsole, and vulcanized sole for the sake of comfort. Accented with a silver top lace-hole and tonal foxing."


Thusday 30/10

12.00 online and instore.

Price 799:- or 79:- Eur

torsdag 23 oktober 2008

The Hundreds At King Of LA!

The Hundreds team riders Ray Maldonado and Ricky Webb did pretty good in the DC King Of Los Angeles competition.
Ray Moldonado placed first at Lockdown getting 1000 dollars in his pocket. Ricky Webb finnished overall second and thats not bad right? Heres some pictures from the comp.

And heres some more LA skatin!

Dont forget to check out all the great stuff from The Hundreds!

tisdag 21 oktober 2008


This is the new copy of Skatebook from Salman Agah (proskater Vans, Black Label and and Mike Ballard (legendary photographer ). The cover of a Bart Simpson artwork, which is an awesome concept for a cover. This is volume 3 features photography from Lance Mountain, Tobin Yelland, Shigeo and many more. 

1. the difference | by lance mountain
2. brooklyn banks | retrospective
3. bummer high | ethan fowler
4. the life of ryan | a star is born
5. sticker recall | a collective6. ed templeton | the tempster
7. up the crooks | chet childress
8. droppin hammers | bart simpson parody
9. indy book | read and learn
10. gsd | this is (not) my life
11. fallen | ride the sky

Vans Quarter Skool Alva Pro

This all black Vans Quarter Skool Alva Pro just dropped online and in store at Cali! As the name hints this is one of the old Pro models that Skateboardings first superstar and poster boy Tony Alva used and still uses to rip up the pools in LA! Price is set to 999 Sek.

fredag 17 oktober 2008

Nike SB

Nike SB news this weekend. A P-Rod hi and the Craig Stecyk Blazer with a crew to with it.

onsdag 15 oktober 2008

Craig Stecyk - Nike Blazer SB

Legendary skate/surf graphic artist Craig Stecyk is the latest man to collaborate with Nike SB on a design for the Blazer model. Craig is a close to a god in the skate game as one can get. He started his career designing surfboards in the very early 70´s and went on to start the surf/skate shop that started it all in the 70's. The Zephyr store in Venice California that he co-founded with Zephyr and Jeff Ho. Would later be the base of skaters such as Tony Alva, Stacy Perallta and all other Z-Boys. Craig is also the father of the Pigs and Crossbones graffiti wich togheter with the Dogtown cross probebly is the most known skate designs of all time!

The Blazer will be instore and online this Saturday 18/10, 12,00.

tisdag 14 oktober 2008

Nike SB Baseball jacket

Nike SB takes on the new season with this clean varcity styled jacket in wool blend material. Leather trim on pockets etc. Tonal Chenille logo on chest. Green and red accents. The Nike SB Baseball Jacket