fredag 26 februari 2010

torsdag 25 februari 2010

Skate Deals Mania and refill of cali skates!

Hey we have a bunch of deals on skate decks, completes and hardwear. We also just got a big refill on our own Cali and Shitxfaced boards. We now have them in all sizes for 300 kr a pop or 2 for 500. We also have a bunch of misex pro boards from companys such as girl and chooclate for 499 kr each. If you need a complete board we can set you up sweet for 999 Kr. Neew trucks and weels we got some good combos for 799 Kr. Come on down to the Cali Skate Dept in the cellar on brunnsgatan 9 and have a look!

Fullu stocked on Boards!

Wheels and Trucks

onsdag 17 februari 2010

Era 87 Re-issue Ray Barbee in store!

This nice vans drop celebrate that it was 20 years ago legendary skater and Vans pro Ray Barbee got his first pro model board. The Era 87 is part of Vans re-issue series and that means it comes exactly as the Vans Era was made in 1987. Same stitches, same materials and even the box is a replica of its 80s counterpart. Ray Barbee choosed his favourite model and color for this one. Price €89 (899 Sek). In store now, soon online. 

Like it is 1987 all over again!
Ray 20 years as a pro boarder!

Original 87 box design!
Even the wrap paper is brown like in 87. Instead of modern day white with all over print.

torsdag 11 februari 2010

Two nice DVS shoes at Cali Skate Dept!

We just got two nice skate shoe modells from DVS to our skate store. First up is a classic Rico CT in nice grey suede. Second up is a Berra 3 model in a collaboration with The Berrics (Steve Berra and Eric Kostons world famous skate park). Instore now and online now! 

The Rico CT €65 (649 Sek)

Berra 3 X The Berrics €95 (949 Sek) Check out the worlds most polular Skate Blog at BERRICS.COM

tisdag 9 februari 2010

Shake Junt now also Online!

art of the Baker skateboard family founded by pro skater Andrew Reynolds since 2008. Shake Junt is a acessory/clothing company based in North Hollywood California and their motto is "for the homies by the homies". True to their motto all team riders helps out with the company. For example all their griptape is painted by hand by the boys. Skate pros down with Shake Junt are amongst others swedish born Ali Boulala, Lizard King and Dustin Dollin. The Shake Junt boys also publish one of the most read skate blogs on the internet where they show of all their skills and way of life. Three nice tees online now over here! For €39 (399 Sek) each!

torsdag 4 februari 2010


Time to GET BUCK! Shake junt just landet at the cali skate dept! Shake junt is a member of the Baker/Deathwish family. Theyr policy is: by the homies for the homies! And the homie list isn´t short. Here is some of the names in the Shake Junt family:
Ali Bualala, Antwuan Dixon, Spanky, Theotis Beasley, Lizard King, Bryan Herman, Andrew Reynolds is just som of the riders on the junt!
Got two differnt shirts instore right now and more will be added on the site as soon as posible.
Dont sleep, get buck!

Shake Junt T-Shirts €39 / 399:- sek

tisdag 2 februari 2010

The Hundreds team rider Carlos Zarazua for Transworld!

The Hundreds team rider Carlos Zarazua just got a part on Transworlds skate site! Nice skateing press play and enjoy!

Carlos Zarazua - Transworld Part from nigel k alexander on Vimeo.

New Nike SB and Nike SB Fluff Book Give Away!

We just got the first Spring delivery from Nike SB in store and we will celebrate this by giving away Nike SBs new super nice book done togheter with Fluff Magazine. The first 5 costumers that buy any full priced SBs will get a coby of this 600 + pages skateboard bible. This deal is only valid in the OG store at brunnsgatan. You do not want to miss book. Come down as fast as ypu can. The new shoes are as follow. 
Nike SB Dunk High €99 (999 Sek)
Nike SB Janoski €79 (799 Sek)
Nike SB Blazer High €89 (899 Sek)
Nike SB Dunk Low €89 (899 Sek) 
Nike SB Fluff Book for free if you buy a pair of full priced SBs fast (first 5)