tisdag 9 december 2008

Carhartt Script Boards

The skateboards are produced by Spanish skateboard manufacturer
Jart Skateboards. The company is working with the aim to develop
the perfect European skate products. Also, Jart has developed its own
processes so that it is the first manufacturer to press the boards 1
by 1 and the only to use CNC, a computer numeric control process
to cut the shapes – assuring that the boards are all identical. All Jart
Skateboards are made of high quality black maple wood.

Shape: Steep Concave / 7,75 wide / full paint.
This is a “standard“ size, not too thin and not too wide.
The Carhartt Script Boards are made in the same shape as Scott
Bourne’s board for the Amicitia Series, but in a different size.
The boards come in one shape but six different color ways.

Soon online.

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