torsdag 4 december 2008

Nike SB Hemp 65 Jacket

Very versatile jacket in classic M65 shape. Warm filled for winter, and with a red satin lining, very comfy. Whats most striking is the outermaterial that is done in a wheater resistent coated Hemp blend!! So you can stay organic and good looking.

Nike SB Hemp 65 Jacket 1999:- SEK / 199.90 Euro

Perfect to the Nike SB Blazer Elite 899:-sek/ 89.90 Euro

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laura sa...

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nasim sa...

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dubaiexperies sa...

I love it, I want it. I saw it and instantly saw some amazing outfits in my head. I think done right it will look so awesome. It's def HOT!! I can see it with a rock&roll type of look with some skinny jeans and some fierce heels or some jacket
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